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“Poetry is the one place where people can speak their original human mind. It is the outlet for people to say in public what is known in private.” - Allen Ginsberg Numb. The entire world is still moving around me, but my seemingly empty corpse doesn’t move. I can hear my friends and foes around me. Static between my hands brings invisible hallucinations of books. These are not my hands. Those are not my legs. This is not my body. I am floating in the grey area between levels of consciousness. Some days it feels like this for hours. Some days it is just seconds. A pair of fingers snaps in front of my face. Suddenly I am drawn from detachment into a world of squeaky shoes and bad cafeteria food. All of the breath is pushed out of my lungs as the fair manicured hand is still trying to gain my attention. At this point you’re probably wondering what my frequent periods of dissociation has to do with my writing. Since I can remember, I have been using writing as an escape mechanism for my seemingly never ending buckets full of anxiety. Being able to channel my emotions onto paper validates that what I’m feeling actually makes sense. If you can put all of the negative emotions you are feeling into a poem or other piece of writing, it removes the chance of it bottling up and transforming you into a negative person. I strive for my work to be loud and distracting, such as my life. My goal is to allow my readers to question their most fundamental beliefs. I

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