Internship Reflection

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This fall semester, I carried out an internship in the legal department of El Sol, Jupiter’s Neighborhood Resource Center. I assisted the legal program coordinator in filling out paperwork for clients and sat in on consultations with El Sol’s laborers about immigration and visa status, wage disputes, traffic tickets, and other legal troubles. On my first day, I quickly learned how difficult it is, as a part of a non-profit organization, to give people all the help that they need. Part of El Sol’s mission is to “give services to those in need” and they succeed at that in many ways. For example, El Sol’s School for Parents program taught parents positive reinforcement techniques for disciplining their children, such as praising good behavior and listening to their kids. The program as very well-liked by the participants, who felt that they learned useful lessons through the classes. However, in the legal department, it was more difficult to help people to the full extent of their needs. For certain legal matters, my supervisor and I could simply write a letter or fill out a form to help the clients. However, since there are no full-time lawyers on staff in the department, we had to refer the clients to other lawyers outside of El Sol who could handle their cases. It was especially hard to find a way to help when the clients did not have the means to pay those lawyers. Nearly all the clients that we met with were day laborers at El Sol with unsteady incomes. Nonetheless, my

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