Reflection Of My Internshipment

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My internship is conveniently located about a mile up the road from the University of Maryland campus in College Park. Although I don’t have strict schedule I agreed with my supervisor that it would be best to show up in the morning when most of the employees are working in order to communicate and work with them more efficiently. When it comes to responsibilities, the buildings and facilities tracking report is the most time-consuming and demanding responsibility I have been assigned, as it requires me to follow several steps, pulling different reports from the accounting system to reconcile and later double-check my work, taking at least one quarter of my time in the office monthly. Also, my responsibilities also require me to compile reports on information and the anticipated cost of future scientific conferences and identify and report ConcurGov rejects to travel specialist, both consuming about a tenth of my time in the office. Finally, the rest of my time is divided almost equally among special projects with the deputy director and the Chief of fiscal services that range from creating special documents on word and excel to double checking accounting in reports and getting trained by one of the specialist on what to do in special situations in the reports or doing individual training with FMMI courses on AgLearn. One class that has helped me throughout this time in my internship is my accounting courses because almost all the assignments require a certain knowledge of

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