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This summer I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to participate in a research and development internship at the world’s largest snack company, Mondelēz International, which is known for its iconic brands such as Oreo, Sour Patch Kids, Triscuit, Trident, Swedish Fish, Cadbury, and many more. The headquarters for this international giant is located in Chicago, Illinois; however, I was employed in the research and development center positioned in East Hanover, New Jersey. Completing my second year at Penn State last May fully aware that I would be moving to New Jersey from my small hometown around Erie, PA, I was under the perception that I had an idea of what the summer would hold for me. However, this was an overstatement, for what I experienced in the time between May and August truly altered my viewpoint on education, business, and food science. Accepting the offer to participate in an internship with Mondelēz International last fall, I understood that the experience would be very enriching, for this was what my professors and older students conveyed. I set goals such as attempting to act as a sponge, extracting every single experience/knowledge that I could from professionals in the industry, networking with other food science students participating in the internship as well as the mentors that would be leading me through the project, exposing myself to a different lifestyle as a salary employee and resident of uniquely cultured New Jersey, and many others.

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