Interpersonal Communication Analysis Of Dirty Dancing

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Kaitlyn Kirkwood Human Communication (40992) Mrs. Dixon 4 March 2015 Interpersonal Communication Analysis of Dirty Dancing The term interpersonal communication often referred to as dyadic communication sounds a lot more complex than it really is. It is the communication between two people, or face-to-face interaction. There are many different characteristics that separate dyadic communication from other forms of communication, such as being more direct, personal, immediate, spontaneous, and informal. I chose to do an interpersonal communication analysis on the movie Dirty Dancing. In the movie there are two main characters that develop an interpersonal relationship, Frances “Baby” Houseman and Johnny Castle. In the beginning of the movie, Baby is the quiet naïve girl that is always over-looked in the crowd, she becomes infatuated with Johnny and his talent for dancing. Johnny holds the reputation of the “bad boy” and many have preconceived ideas about him before they take the opportunity to get to know him. Throughout the movie there are many different concepts of interpersonal communication displayed such as; rigid role relations, the journey towards intimacy, and self-disclosure. Over time, Relationships develop patterns and roles. When beginning a new relationship it may take time to figure out who is going to fill which role. The one-up role is the dominant person in the relationship, and the one-down role is the person who is more submissive. In the beginning of the

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