Interpersonal Communication Behavior : Fice Essay

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The TV series, which I have chosen, and believe to be one of the best examples of interpersonal communication behavior, is the American television comedy series called The Office. This outrageously hilarious comedy TV series portrays the everyday lives of office employees located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin paper company and is filmed in a documentary type style by a team of film crew members. The plot of this TV series revolves around documenting the lives, interactions, and interpersonal relationships of the manager, Michael Scott, and the employees that he manages, which include Jim Halpert, who is a sales representative and prankster, Pam Beesly, who is a receptionist, and Dwight Schrute, who is a high-ranking salesman devoid of social skills, as well as Stanley Hudson, Kevin Malone, and many other minor characters who play the roles of office workers, working in a variety of positions throughout the office. To start off, the first concept that can be evidently seen in one of the episodes of this TV series is the concept of emotional messages, specifically, the emotional expression of sadness, which is exemplified by the character Jim Halpert as his boss, Michael Scott, is about to leave the company in the episode titled “Goodbye, Michael.” In this episode, the verbal expression of emotion known as sadness is shown by Jim Halpert as well as Michael Scott as Jim explains what a wonderful boss Michael Scott truly was to him. In

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