My Favorite TV Shows, The Office

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I decided to share about one of my favorite TV shows, The Office. I enjoy this show because there are so many different characters with unique personalities. Each character interacts with one another in their own personal ways. In this show, there is no character that is the same. Certain ones give a representation of how to communicate appropriately and others show an inappropriate way to communicate. The three characters that I have chosen to look closely at are, Michael, Dwight, and Jim. Michael is the boss of the paper company department, Dwight and Jim are sales representatives. Michael and Dwight are not very good at appropriately communicating with one another or with others in the office. Jim is one of the “normal” ones on the show. First, I want to start with Michael and describing his character as well as his communication competence. Like I said before, Michael is the boss or manager of a certain branch of a paper company. Michael does not know how to appropriately communicate with others in the office. He steps over boundaries lines that make people uncomfortable. When looking at self-awareness, Michael does not care about how his behavior affects those around him. He usually stands out from the crowd due to his inappropriate jokes that can be racist, sexist, perverted, etc. Next, adaptability is not one of Michael’s strong suites. Michael believes he is trying to adapt and in his own personal way tries to “fit in” within certain situations. But it always turns

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