Interpersonal Communication : Communication, And Chapter 9 : Perception And Attribution Essay

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The workplace experience that I am going to share with the class gives the perfect example of lacking interpersonal communication in the work environment. This particular experience identifies how interpersonal communication is an essential skill that everyone working in a professional atmosphere should possess. The significance and relevance of my experience seems to be the most suitable and effective in relation to the theoretical concepts learned from chapter 8: Interpersonal Communication, and chapter 9: Perception and Attribution.
When I first began as an engineer with my company, I worked under a manager who was the perfect example of one who lacked interpersonal communication skills. In my shared experience, I will call the manager “Bob”. In Bob’s case, I am not sure if the term “lacking” can even describe my ex-manager situation. After being around him, and seeing the way that he acts within the workplace; I came to a conclusion that he was mentally disable, or simply rude.
Reading the text, “The Wrong Professional Attitude” gives me more insight on how Bob seems to be one of those “smart” people whose communicating style is a result of years of conditioning (Osland, 2007, p. 189). This can also be related to a person who thinks they are just smarter than everyone, and you are not able to get anything across to them, even if they are wrong. Talking to some of the other employees within the workplace, they said they noticed the same actions from Bob. Many of

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