Interpersonal Communication Narrative

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Even after fighting for months to get someone, anyone, to believe me that my baby girl was deaf, confirmation of her profound hearing loss devastated me. I couldn’t understand why I was so sad.. What was wrong with me? I’d been telling them she couldn’t hear, and now they were confirming what I already knew. Why was I upset? It’s obvious to me now. Suddenly, all of the dreams I had while I was pregnant—Annie dancing, swimming, loving music—were gone, leaving only questions: Why? What did I do wrong? Did I not pray hard enough? Annie’s diagnosis derailed me. I stopped reading to her. I stopped singing to her. This didn’t last, but it felt like a lifetime. It didn’t help that a professional came into my home and told me that she would…show more content…
I was scared to death that she might be on a walk with a babysitter and a truck would be honking and she wouldn’t hear it and the truck would hit her. As she got older, the fears changed: How she would do in school? Would she make friends who would be kind to her? How would she talk on the phone? How would she understand a contract? And the BIG one—how would she do with boyfriends? Would they treat her right? Finally, I was worried about her transition to adulthood. Teaching her responsibility and communication at home was the only way I could think of to make sure she didn’t get evicted, fired, or her heart broken, once she was out on her own. Every single one of those fears did become an actual challenge that we had to address, but address it is exactly what we did! Ultimately, she has overcome each of these issues. Annie has made me incredibly proud over the years: speaking on a panel to share her story and provide parents or future Teachers of the Deaf both insight and hope; running track; earning belts in taekwondo; advocating for herself in school; using CART to earn a B+ in physics without my help; and learning to use the phone to talk with friends. These were all incredibly rewarding accomplishments, for both of us. When she made friends at a community pool with teenagers who figured out how to include her in a game of Marco Polo, I cried in my lawn
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