Interprofessional Collaboration Care And Critically Analyse Interprofessional Working

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Using appropriate literature this paper will examine Interprofessional collaboration care and critically analyse interprofessional working. An introduction to the area of subject will be given and Interprofessional care will then be examined using various sources of literature. This paper will conclude by looking at implications raised and aspects of development needed throughout interprofessional working, developing an action plan to proceed with into future practice. Interprofessional collaboration (IPC) is the process in which different professional multidisciplinary teams (MDT) work together to positively impact healthcare. Research has discovered that issues or problems regarding IPC in practice can impact the outcome of effective patient care. Study by Devla et al., (2008) highlights the problems identified with having a negative effect on patient’s health for example; power dynamics within the MDT, lack of understanding of others roles and responsibilities, poor and limited communication, and conflicts due to a varied approach and understanding of patient care. To encourage partnership working and the development of innovative partnership approaches there is increasing emphasis on integrating understanding and knowledge of this topic within education programmes designed for all pre-registration students. These programmes were created as part of the aim to improve care and professional relationships As outlined above The National Health Service Plan (DH), (2000) is
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