Interview : A Interview To Interview As A Sexual Experience

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The client I chose to interview is a woman older than myself, however, someone I have a close personal relationship. It was within that closest as to why I asked to interview her. I felt it would be the least arkward in taking a sexual history of another individual. We have known each other for many years, though, not to the extent of our individual sexual histories. In the beginning of the interview, I thanked her for her time and candidacy, she was happy to contribute to my studies. Opening with her history, she is a woman of 56 years, in which, has completed menopause. Her partner died 5 years ago, she has been single, without sex ever since. As a child, she is the 3rd of five children, having two older brothers, along with a younger brother and sister. Though they would be her playmates at times, she mostly played with other children within her neighborhood. With that said, the client expressed how she experiencing her first loss of death, age 10, it was one of her childhood friends. In which, the girl was of Jewish decent, as her family where non-practicing Christians. As for her education she attended public school, nevering participating in any sports due to a car accident, injurying to her knees at the age of 8. Along with that she recalled most of her childhood as freguently being hospitalized for kidney issures, this went on from 5 years of age until her condition improved at 12 years old. At this point in the interview we began discussing first sexual

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