Interview A Manager At The Smun ' Eem Daycare On Penelakut Island

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Interview a Manager When interviewing the manager I found there were many things that were covered in our class that pertained to the job as being a manager at the Smun’eem daycare on Penelakut Island. Such as what a manager and management is in general, understanding what managers do on a daily basis, defining what culture is, covering what some of the problems the manager deals with, and what ethics is and what the code of ethics. First of all, I interviewed a manager of the Smun’eem Daycare on Penelakut Island. She has been the manager for 8 years and manages 8 staff members. A manager to her was someone who has been “chosen to be the voice for the parents, children, and staff.”1 Also someone who “does the funding reports and makes sure things run smoothly.”1 Which is similar to what the textbook classifies as a manager. The textbook says that a manager is “someone who coordinates and oversees the work of other people so organizational goals can be accomplished.”2 Since the daycare is on a reservation, the manager of the daycare would be categorized as a middle manager. The first line manager is the manager of Penelakut Tribe as a whole who works at the band office and makes the decisions organization wide. Being the middle manager she does make decisions for the daycare and manages the nonmanagerial employees which is a combination of what a top manager and a first line manager does. What is management anyways? Management is “coordinating work activities with and

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