Interview of Supervisor at School Age Care Center Essay

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I visited in a School Age Care Center to take an interview with the supervisor of the school age care center to get the answer to my previous assignment’s (grade K-3) question, now I am providing all her answer related to my questions following in my writing. The questions are: 1. What is your philosophy for running your school age care center? Answer: Our policy /philosophy is an inclusive setting for running this school age care center. 2. How do you and your other educators deal with the parents? Answer: Our policy is an open door policy. When parents come to pick their child , we open our door to come inside and talk with them to make them easy. 3. What kind of interest areas do you provide for the school age …show more content…

10. What is your policy to provide the child's knowledge about cultural diversity? Answer: Pot luck, cultural clothing’s, games, crafts. 11. Tell me about your homework helping program for students in your center. Answer: Children do their homework, if they have a hard time to complete their homework then we help them to make it easy to do their homework. 12. If you offer a reward program for the children, tell me how do you do that? Answer: We don’t have a reward program, but they have a prize if they perform their activities. 13. What is your policy to stop child abuse? Answer: We have zero tolerance about the child abuse. To stop the child abuse we have a meeting with the parents. If child abuse is out of control then we contact with CIS(Child Aid Society) for taking action against the child abuse.. 14. Tell me about your field trip program for children? Answer: We have a field trip activities for children, such as Ski, seasonal related games. 15. What are your activities to improve a child’s eye and hand coordination? Answer: The activities are outdoor game, craft act. 16. Tell me about children’s sports program in your centre? Answer: We don’t have sports program. 17. What do you think about school age children’s group work activity? Answer: Group work activities improve children’s social skill. 18. What is your policy to improve students self esteem? Answer: We encourage

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