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Interview about Me Rubi Garza Texas A&M International University The purpose for this interview assessment is to measure an individual’s personality by having two interviewees who know them very well answer questions about them. The Informant Report Data approach and the qualitative method are used for this test. The reliability, validity, and generalization of the test are examined separately in order to see how effective they are. The results provide characteristics of the individual and a reflection of their personal thoughts about the test. The findings concluded low degree of reliability and validity. The generalizability of the assessment was found to be moderately applicable to others. In my reflection, I concluded a pattern from the Self interview assessment and found motivation from my interviewees’ answers. The type of data used for this test was the I-Data, commonly known as the Informant Report Data. This type of data is given through assessments such as, questionnaires (Fudner, 2012). The Informant Report Data gets information about an individual through the judgments of their co-workers, family members, acquaintances, etc (Fudner, 2012). It is used daily and it’s based on other people’s observations. It allows to see different perspectives about a person through different relationships. The qualitative method was …show more content…

The questions such as, “Can you tell me about what you perceive as my strengths?” and “When do you think I have been most satisfied in my life?” were not completely accurate, but similar to each other. My personal reaction towards the answers from my mother and best friend were of emotional motivation. Specifically, the answers from the question, “Where do you see me in five years?” really gave me a sense of pride and found that once again, they have motivated me to keep on striving for my future

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