Interview As A Teacher Interview

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Ashlyn Edwards is an elementary school grades teacher and is licensed to teach grade levels K-6. She currently resides in Texas and has taken some time off from teaching to be with her family. Before taking the time off, Ashlyn worked in two different schools, one of which was in Georgia and the other in Kansas. In Georgia, she taught Kindergarten and in Kansas she taught grade 1. I chose to interview Ashlyn because I had met her several years ago through another friend and I found out she was a teacher at that time. Even though I had not got to know more about Ashlyn before this interview, I was hopeful that she would be able to provide me some insight into what it is like being a teacher and the ups and downs of the job. I asked Ashlyn five questions related to her job and she provided answers that not only guided me but also helped me to understand ways that I can become prepared to teach. What attracted you to this profession? Ashlyn stated that what attracted her to the profession of teaching was several things. First, Ashlyn stated “I love working with children and I have always known that teaching was what I wanted to do as a career.” (A. Edwards, personal communication, September 12, 2017) She also stated that being a teacher gave her the opportunity to truly make a different in children’s lives by being in an environment that truly strives on making a difference in children’s lives daily. Ashlyn said, “Making a difference in children’s lives is so fulfilling and

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