Interview As A Teacher Interview

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I interviewed a childcare teacher engaged in the Early Childhood Development. She graduated from East Tennessee State University. She has been intrigued by children her entire life, she has volunteered with children with disabilities and worked with children since age 16. You can say that teaching has been a dream job of hers. Going through the interview I went through a series of questions as follows. What are positive and negative parts about being a teacher? What disciplinary styles work the best? And how can teaching in America be improved? She explained positive parts about being a teacher as being able to do what you love with growing children. As children go through stages of development, it is a good feeling to see what they are going to become in the future. She explains the bond she has with her students as one of the greatest feelings in the world. In early childhood, being their first teacher can have a major impact on how well they are going to do. Being able to create a good well-educated start to education is important. She explained that she wants to be able to educate children in the best way she can because the outcome of seeing them succeed is amazing.
Some negative parts about being a teacher is seeing the children you have bonded with move on in their growth in development. Being a teacher, you will see many kids come and go and she explains it as seeing your own kids move on in life and not being in their life the remainder of their development.

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