Interview Summary : Kate Soderberg Essay

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Interview Summary
The interviewee, Kate Soderberg, graduated from high school in 1983 and later earned her Associate of Arts degree. She then went to a community college in California and further transferred to a state university in the same area. She admitted that she received education all over the place however gained a lot from the experience. She learnt how to make a living independently. In the state university, she first fell in love with psychology but there was a heavy workload. The academic advisor talked her into social work, in the field of which she has been working for thirty years. She finished school and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.
After getting her bachelor’s degree, Katie moved to the Washington State. She went to a school in the Washington State to earn her Master Degree in Social Work. Meanwhile, It took her three years to meet the four-thousand working hour requirement to be able to obtain the social work license. After a more-than-half-decade journey of academic and professional education, she was finally on the track of being a social worker.
Kate has been working all over the place and she believes that is a pattern of her job. She worked three to four years for every single job she did in the last thirty years. She has worked for a wide range of organizations and facilities including nursing home, state adult protected service, child protection service, court investigation, home health for the elder, insurance company, tribe drug

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