Interview with a Massage Practitioner Essay

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Many people pass this concrete stucco looking office on the strip mall. Most people who pass by may go to the bar next door to Dr. Mason’s chiropractic office. No one pays much attention to a place where all the windows are low tinted dark with a door that has the word doctor on it. People only look for doctors when they are injured or sick. I’m sure the lighted Budlight sign flashing and smell of food attract more people.

It was different than what I expected from a doctor’s office. Surprisingly the roof was flat not pointed like most offices and not a very tall building. I expected lots of rocks, small bushes near the door, smooth concrete building with slight indentions for decoration, metal plaque inside the concrete and the area
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The education she obtained took 18 months in the Master Massage Practitioner program. The state of Arizona requires 750 hours of schooling, 100 of which have to be on a body in a student clinic. The license obtained must be renewed every two years. Some classes that she was required to take were Myotherapy, Swedish message, aromatherapy and therapeutic touch. “I would love to go to school every day just to get a massage,” I thought. Mary has been working for Dr Hanson for four months. In the future she would like to open her own wellness center. Dr Hanson is the Chiropractor in the office and does some physical therapy. He opened the office three years ago. There is also another massage therapist that works in the office as well; they are all licensed professionals.
Standing behind the receptionist desk I met Mary, she was talking to the receptionist. I expected a thin tall middle age lady with short hair cover in hair spray. Instead she was short and stout; also she had small beaming eyes with round bubbly cheeks. Her dark brown hair, pull back in a bun, complemented her pale skin. Mary was wearing a pair of brown scrubs with blue lining and white sneakers. She had the appearance of a health professional.

As the massage therapist, Mary provides an overall easy and effective service. Clients are referred to her by Dr. Hanson. Usually a client’s back was thrown out or they need readjusting. She uses her hand to manipulate muscle
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