Intimate Partner Violence Against Women

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Intimate Partner Violence against Women Name College Course Tutor Date Abstract Intimate partner violence against women in homes is an issue of global concern, but in many cultures this kind of violence has been an acceptable fact of life. In recent years, it has been viewed as a criminal challenge. However, in many societies such as the African society, it is still culturally acceptable and it is presumed that most African women still endure this type of violence in their various homes and during courtship. Intimate partner violence is an intentional and persistent abuse of anyone in the home, in a way that causes pain, distress or injury. It could be physical, emotional, sexual, economical, spiritual, neglect or…show more content…
These acts, in different cases have left women disabled in one way or the other, subjecting them to a lifetime of dependency, pains and regrets. Moreover, intimate partner violence leads to more psychological torture compared to injuries on physical aspect. There is no physical touching or beating involved but abusive men use degrading and abusive words to pierce women’s minds. This often leads to suicide attempts by women who are abused by men they loved and makes them feel devalued in the society. The use of offensive words by these abusive men as weapon against their wives eventually degrades their self-esteems. Words are powerful weapon against women’s nature. Positive words gladden their hearts while negative words spoken to them could make them sorrowful and regretful for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, sexual abuse is the common aspect of intimate partner violence in homes. Married women and young ladies are either raped or often experienced attempted rape by their husbands or boyfriends. This has left many women with so much hatred and hindered them from having a meaningful relationship after the abusive relationship come to an end. Many women are still battling this devil called sexual abuse from the hands of their partners. Intimate Partner violence can take many forms and they are usually accompanied by other forms of abuse. Some of them that can be identified are exhibited as follows. Neglect is a means of abuse against women. It includes failure to
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