Intimate Partner Violence And Women

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Intimate partner violence (IPV) is described a psychological, emotional, sexual or physical harm to a person by their spouse or former partner (Breiding et al, 2015). National reports have revealed that about one in three women experience IPV (Sharron et al, 2015). Intimate partner violence is a growing epidemic in the United States. However, recent studies have focused on rural regions, such as Appalachia.
A study conducted by Peek-Asa et al revealed that women in rural areas are more likely to be victims of intimate partner violence than women in urban areas. Studies on pregnant women demonstrate that 81 percent of pregnant, Appalachian women have experienced intimate partner violence (Shannon et al, 2015).Contributing influences affecting IPV in rural Appalachia include culture, economics, lack of resources and geographical isolation. Geographical isolation is the most prevalent difficulty that Appalachian women face because it affects other aspects. Not only do the vast mountainous regions physically yield them from society, but prohibit them from utilizing resources. Abusers are able to have control over their spouses when they are isolated (Rhodes, 2012). Also, the isolation decreases the chance that the abuse can be witnessed by another party like a neighbor, social worker or police officer (Mulder et al, 1997).
Traditions and culture can have an impact on protection, intervention and support provided to rural women (Shoaf, 2004). It is not uncommon for women to

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