Introduction. Abortion Has Been Widely Controversial And

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Abortion has been widely controversial and still is controversial to this day. Opinions on the topic continue to change over time as well as laws changing to allow it or make it illegal. These changes will vary on factors like politics and the religion that is practiced in the country. Just like countries vary on whether it is widely accepted or not, the same goes for religions. Catholicism has been traditionally conservative and has taken a pro-life stance over the years. Buddhism, while not conservative has also taken a pro-life stance. Abortion continues to be ethically controversial based on the question on whether life begins at conception, at a later time during development, and whether or not we …show more content…

The Second Vatican Council does not allow attacks against human life “"Whatever is opposed to life itself, such as any type of murder, genocide, abortion, euthanasia, or wilful self-destruction, whatever violates the integrity of the human person” (Evangelium Vitae)
The Catholic Church also discusses about issues regarding the removal of an unborn child to save the mothers life and if removal before it is viable would constitute as indirect or direct abortions (Jones, 82). If it were a direct abortion would the Catholic Church ever allow this? It is stated by The Holy Office that a craniotomy to remove the viable fetus is never okay even in situations where “if it is omitted, the mother and infant will die, but, if it is performed, the mother will be saved but the infant will die” (Jones, 82). The Holy Office has also stated that to remove the fetus or deliver the fetus before viability is never allowed (Jones, 82). Pope Paul VI stated that the teaching of this “has not changed and is unchangeable”. Although all of these teachings from the Church have been constant throughout history some of the teachings have not.
Teachings regarding the mother and her fetus have changed throughout history. These deviations have come up because of problems regarding the mother and the child. This has brought up many

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