Introduction . Hacking Is A Type Of Cybercrime That Is

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Hacking is a type of cybercrime that is majorly propagated through the internet. The propagators of this vice always take advantage of security lapses within the different systems. The reason for hacking is to allow access to a particular information that is considered private. This paper delves in assessing the morality of hacking with respect to the different cyber laws. Moreover, it utilizes the case study of Gary McKinnon to put the topic into perspective. The two sides of this case study are explored in details in the subsequent paragraphs. On one hand, it involves highlighting the reasons in support Gary McKinnon’s innocence. On the other hand, it elaborates the different reasons to show that Gary McKinnon breached the
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It must be noted that according to the Criminal Damage Act of 1971, information is considered as property. This law was used in UK to prosecute an offender who got access to a system. He was prosecuted and charged for causing damage to information even though the property was not tangible. Kant also noted that hackers always use subcultures that cover them from being seen and caught. The fact that the hackers use subcultures show that their acts are not morally acceptable (Levy 2010). Therefore, according to Kant, Gary McKinnon’s actions were wrong and went against the laws of morality (Bullock, 2005).

Utilitarianism on Gary McKinnon’s actions
Utilitarianism is considered as an act that majorly supports welfare of people that are engaged in activities. These activities can be good or bad. According to this theory, people should always engage in any activity that makes them happy. This theory highlights that when people find happiness, they always tend to prosper more. Thus, this law supports the actions of hacking if it is done to support the society’s welfare. This theory supports hacking as long as it is done to make the society and the propagator happy (Moor, 2007).

It is critical to highlight that Gary McKinnon decided to hack the system because he wanted to get an evidence of a cover-up. In this case, Gary McKinnon’s intention was not to delete the files in the system. He was trying to protect the interests of the
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