Introduction. In Term Three Of The Practical Nursing Program

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Introduction In term three of the practical nursing program we started our first placement in a hospital setting. During the second week of placement we went out onto our assignment floors and got to shadow a nurse. That morning I went to see all of the patients that my nurse had for the day to introduce myself and tell them if they need anything to let me know. One of the patients that morning was crying, so I had went up to her asked what was wrong, her response was "I have been sitting in my own stool since 6am, I rang my call bell and no one has came". This type of situation was a moral dilemma, the patient is unable to change her own brief and the nurse was not nearby to do so. As a student nurse I was unable to do a bed bath and…show more content…
A brief is suppose to be changed at least 5-8 times a day or immediately after it 's been soiled. After a brief change it is important to clean the area properly to prevent any infections. A urinary tract infection can occur if a patient stays in their soiled brief for an extended amount of time or if they are not cleansed properly. Another consequence with having a soiled brief is that you could be at risk for skin breakdown. As stated "Too much moisture over-hydrates the skin, making it weak and more sensitive to friction, shear and breakdown (think about being in the tub or pool for a long time). Primary sources of excess skin moisture include sweating, bowel and bladder accidents, and drainage from wounds" (Skin Health: Prevention and Treatment of Skin Breakdown,2011). Therefore, if a healthcare provider does not attend to a soiled brief immediately, risk for infection and skin breakdown will occur.

My personal/ professional values and beliefs In this situation I felt that it conflicted with me on a personal and professional level, being a student nurse and also a women. When I first went into the room and seen a patient crying, I wanted to help but with my qualifications as a student I was not able to. As a women not being able to change yourself or do anything on your own, takes away your pride and dignity, making you feel useless and lowers your self-esteem. If I had a family member in the hospital I would hope that the nurses are treating them
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