Introduction. Moral Status Determines Who Is Capable Of

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Moral status determines who is capable of making moral judgements. Meaning, it gives power or authority to certain individuals to make decisions of right versus wrong. Morality itself can be defined as an individual’s ethics. One particular situation, outlining morality is seen through the eyes of Jessica and her husband Marco. Recently this couple found out that the unborn child Jessica was pregnant with will have Down syndrome. With the child facing a decreased quality of life, this couple struggles between making the moral decision of carrying on with the pregnancy. This paper will outline moral status theories, the influences these theories have, our personal agreement, and the theoretical influence these theories have on …show more content…

Finally, this theory also explains the role that God plays in influencing Jessica’s decision.
How does the theory determine or influence each of their recommendation for action? The theory of human properties clearly influences each individual, as humans automatically have an opinion in any circumstance that develops based on ones worldview.
The unborn child is equally Jessica and Marco’s child, which means they are the caretakers who are responsible for the child. Dr. Wilson has to make the decision to tell Jessica all of her options so that she is aware. The theory of moral agency influences Jessica and Aunt Maria as Jessica is feeling torn between her personal belief that all life is valued and her desire to better to socioeconomic status. However, Aunt Maria is very against aborting the child and urges her to take responsibility because it is moral. Dr. Wilson sides more with the scientific alternatives because the quality of life would be greatly reduced. Marco chooses to support Jessica in either situation that she decides is best. Ultimately this theory influences Jessica the most because she in the end will be the only one to make the decision to carry on with the pregnancy or not. The theory of relationships plays the large role in the dynamic of these four characters. While Marco urges Dr. Wilson to not tell Jessica right away, he must fulfil his duty as a doctor to Jessica.

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