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Introduction This circle, my wedding band, has no beginning or end. It symbolises never ending love. It represents my life and my commitment of love to my husband. The wedding band reveals many things about a person. There commitment, their priorities and the maturity that a person posesses to be in a monogamous loving relationship for the rest of there lives.One year ago on March 19th, I put an end to my single life. I say that in a postive way. I have stopped partying, and experimenting with what I wanted in life. I found the man that means the most to me and has changed my life in ways I would never imagine. I. Past A. Work Before I had this wedding ring, I was a single mother raising my daughter Tarah. I was working full time as…show more content…
He worked long hours and was away for long periods of time training for the war in Iraq. I now have the opportunity to be a full time stay at home mother. My daughter had always been in daycare and I never got to see her grow up. I can now raise my daughter and go to school without feeling that I am not spending enough time with my daughter. My wedding ring reminds me on a daily basis what a blessing my husband is to me. I have visited Ohio,Texas, Georgia ( and every state you drive throught to get there.) I am a stronger person, mother and wife. .As a military wife you learn to have a life of simplicity, there is no extra money to spend. I had never eaten a peanut butter sandwhich until I moved to Alaska. I had always had my own car, in Alaska my husband and I shared a car.I learned that I can be happy without the best of everything in the world. I don 't take things for granted and I appreciate every moment I have with my loved ones. Everyday I live with the fear that I am going to have an Army officer come to my front door and give me the worst news that I can imagine. Everytime my phone rings I get nervous, never knowing who will be on the other end, telling me something I don 't want to hear. Although it is hard to be away from my husband, I look at my ring and I cherish every memory of us together, I cherish every phone call and email I
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