Introduction. The Accounting Industry Provides Unlimited

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The accounting industry provides unlimited services at both an organizational and personal level. In recent years, the accounting industry has been subject to various trends. Some trends forecast improvement within the industry, while other trends may paint a different picture. The top trends in accounting services are: millennial involvement, fraudulent activity, and the use of artificial intelligence (Hoover 's Inc, 2017). Young accounting professionals and investors alike are showing more interest into the accounting industry. Interest spans from millennials seeking investment services, to accounting graduates seeking work within the industry; both of which prognosticate a bright future. While fraudulent activity seems to
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This type of technology would substitute the traditional format of shipping an item. This type of innovation attracts the millennials due to the ability to provide a service in minutes rather than days. It is to no surprise that millennials are used to technology and the ability to obtain things in the matter of minutes. However, when a company is able to offer a service based off of new technology, millennials show great interest. This type of interest is what has led to a surge in millennial investors.
The accounting industry is embracing the influx of millennials in their workforce. This is being accomplished through internal changes. For example, offering flexibility and open lines of communication. Offering flexibility in the accounting industry was once unheard of. However, in recent years, accounting firms strive to offer a more equal work-life balance (McCarthy, 2016). Offering an equal work-life balance is an appealing incentive for young accounting professionals. This may include having a 40 hour work week, allowing an individual to work from home and offering flex scheduling.
Millennials rely on communication to thrive in the 21st century, both for personal and professional use. Firms are acknowledging that miscommunication between individual within a firm can lead to increased tension within the work environment. To discourage this, firms encourage
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