Examples Of Integrated Process Improvement Plan

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The Michael R. Zent (MRZ) Integrated Healthcare Center was established in January 2006 to provide comprehensive and integrated healthcare services to individuals with mental health illness in Phoenix Arizona. The integration behavioral and physical health services across the continuum of care provide a seamless care delivery system that offers patients a holistic care based on their psychosocial needs and diagnoses. Achieving a sustainable efficient and effective integrated care program requires multiple evaluation and modification of operational and administrative processes using a Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) methodology.
The goal of this integrated process improvement plan is to assess the current …show more content…

Goal Actions Start & End Date Responsible Person Evaluation
Increase revenue and patient count 1. Increase the List of contracted health plans.
2. Engage and coordinate referrals through contracted health plans.
3. Resolve same day huddle challenges in regards to billing payers.
4. Educate current BH clients on the benefits of transferring his/her PH services to MRZ.
5. Conduct strategic marketing campaigns.
6. Coordinate referrals through
• Hospitals
• shelters
• Urgent cares
• Churches
• Other community resources 2/1/17 - 4/30/17 Ronke Komolafe, ASU-Doctor of Behavioral Health Intern
Patient Education Conduct integration of care Campaign:
• Send letters to patients on benefits of integrating care
• Educate CMs and Navigators on how to educate and assist patients transition PH services to MRZ. 2/1/17 - 4/30/17 Ronke Komolafe, ASU-Doctor of Behavioral Health Intern
Develop a marketing strategy An MRZ marketing plan:
a. Patients
b. Email CMs and BHCs in health plans on referring clients to MRZ.
c. BH Member letter
d. Content/flyers to give hospitals, shelters, community agencies. 2/1/17 - 4/30/17 Ronke Komolafe, ASU-Doctor of Behavioral Health Intern
Increase financial sustainability of the

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