Introduction. Why Was The Study Conducted?. Perhaps The

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Why was the study conducted?

Perhaps the broadest reason as to why this study was conducted was for the purpose of comparing and contrasting various performance evaluation techniques and their effectiveness in relation to the particular hotel’s traits. Furthermore, this was tied directly with studies that were conducted in order to further understand and analyze a variety of methods of performance evaluation that would be the most ideal for hotels’ efficiencies (providing individualized results according to each business under the study). Upon conducting the study, it has tremendous potential to aid in knowledge regarding the association of how administering at least a basic performance evaluation can affect hotel …show more content…

In addition to this, each general location in Portugal from which the study was conducted allowed for a “balanced geographical distribution” of response rates ranging between 50% - 75% compared to other similar studies carried out prior.
Aside from the ability to record accurate results from the study based on the amount of response, the participants were primarily chosen after a convenience sample was utilized from gathering data in a prior study. Results from this convenience sample allowed for the observation that one, two, and three star hotels unaffiliated with large groups or chains did not actually apply performance evaluation methods. Thus, the study was defined from a question conceived following the completion of the pilot test.

What was actually done to study the topic and why?

Used to study performance evaluation in this case study was a questionnaire consisting of both interviews to hotels in Lisbon and surveys in which were administered to the remaining hotels throughout the remaining portions of the country via the Internet. Within these given questionnaires were questions answered by the individual hotels to provide the researchers with a collection of data in addition to being organized within three particular groups of performance evaluation methods: unstructured measures, Tableau de Bord, and the Balanced Scorecard. Questions that each of the hotels replied to answered specifically various characteristics of the hotel,

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