Essay on Introduction to Negotiation

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Running Head: INTRODUCTION TO NEGOTIATION Introduction to Negotiation Module 1 – Case NCM512 TUI University Most people tend to take on a competitive approach to negotiation. They see everything as a win/lose situation. This unilateral strategy usually results in achieving unfavorable results. This way of thinking tends to vitiate the likelihood of serving long-term interest of the winner, even if the short term objectives are achieved. The solution to this is to change our way of thinking and adapt bilateral methods that will help build a foundation for successful, trusting and ongoing negotiations. Everyone desires to walk away from the bargaining table satisfied that the gains achieved by both parties are equal.…show more content…
Collaborative or principled negotiation works toward a compromise solution via widening by working together in a collaborative manner. Both sides are not looking to optimize their personal gains, but to optimize their mutual gains. Some key points that make bilateral methods the preferred choice in negotiations is that its win/win approach is a more civilized way to reach a solution and yields an agreement that each party will willingly fulfill. The fairness of the negotiation process has a significant impact on whether promises made will be filled. If the parties fail that they been treated unfairly, they will look for ways to get out of the deal and may not want to negotiate with the other person again. The success of bargaining being a central element of the negotiation process is that it is based on trust. Without trust, the bargaining process cannot yield a durable agreement. If neither unilateral nor bilateral methods are not working, but the disputing parties still desire to remain out of court, they may use the services of a third party or seek alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options. These options include mediation, arbitration and ADR. Mediation is an informal process in which a neutral third party (known as a mediator) assists the disputing parties in exploring issues in the case. The mediator will facilitate discussion between the parties and guide them in finding creative,
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