Investigating How Bromelian Can Affected The Solidification Of Gelatin And How Different Factors

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OBJECTIVES: The objective was to determine how Bromelian can affected the solidification of gelatin and how different factors such as pH and temperature effect Bromelian.
Bromelian added to Gelatin: If a proteolytic enzyme is added to the gelatin solution then it will not allow the gelatin to solidify.
Different temperature: If the enzyme Bromelian is heated then it will take longer to solidify than the enzyme at room temperature.
Different pH: If a solution with a more acidic pH is added to Bromelian and gelatin then the lower pH will cause the Bromelian to react more rapidly and cause the gelatin not to solidify.
INTRODUCTION: Enzymes are catalysts that speed up reactions by lowering activation energy. Activation energy is the amount of energy needed for a reaction to take place. Enzymes act on substrates which bind to the enzymes’ active site. The enzyme changes its shape to accommodate the substrate which creates the new product. Furthermore, there are optimal conditions which will allow the enzymes to function at its highest rate. These opyimal conditions include temperature, pH levels, and the concentration of the enzyme (Fox, 2013). If the environment is not suited for the enzymes’ optimal conditions then enzymatic reactions cannot occur at its highest rate or may not even react at all. For example, if the temperature is higher than the enzyme’s optimal temperature then the enzyme may become denatured.
Moreover, this lab we focused on a specific enzyme

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