Investigating Staff And Children 's Perceptions Of Inclusion Of Children With Special Educational Needs Essay

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This research project will investigate staff and children’s perceptions of inclusion of children with special educational needs (SEN) across year three. It will consider whether the inclusive methods used by staff are effective, with reference to psychological theories, relevant legislation and recent research. The project will take place at a three form entry junior school where I am a teaching assistant. It will involve a range of school staff and pupils from Year Three. The enquiry will be based around perceptions gained through a range of interviews, questionnaires and observations. Therefore permission from the parents of the children involved will be required and informed consent given due to their age. Similarly, consent will be required from all adult participants involved. The effectiveness of inclusion will be measured by the extent to which participants feel children with SEN are included within the classroom setting. The researcher will take observations from a series of lessons, which will also be recorded. Another teaching assistant will then observe the recordings and give feedback to provide another viewpoint, or rather ‘investigator triangulation’, consequently reducing researcher bias (Thomas, 2013, p.146). This area of research is of particular interest to the researcher, firstly because inclusion is widely recognised by the National Curriculum. It highlights ‘A wide range of pupils have special educational needs’ and consequently, ‘Lessons should be

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