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Invest Like an Entrepreneur:
How to Make More Money while Working Less in Your Real Estate Investment Business
It’s a pretty universal desire. Most people would love to earn more while working less, no matter what they’re doing for a living. But most people would also tell you that key to earning big is putting in the time, working hard toward your goals, and sacrificing for your dreams. Well, that might be the route for most people content to put in more and more hours in pursuit of eventual leisure and happiness. But, if you’re taking the time to read an article like this one, chances are you are hoping that there’s a work around. And, indeed there may be: Real Estate Investing.
“Wait just a minute,” you might be thinking. After all you’ve been hearing for years that the shortcut to fabulous monetary wealth is in flipping houses. And if you’ll just make three easy payments of fifteen hundred dollars and come to our three-day seminar at a hotel near your local airport, we’ll show you how. This isn’t that kind of article. What we’re talking about here is taking your existing real estate investment business and applying the mindset of an entrepreneur to it, working on your business instead of in it, and working smarter, not harder. And you don’t have to pay us a dime.

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur
There are a great many articles, books, and courses available on developing the mindset of an entrepreneur. Most of them contain material that, while not identical, does rely
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