Invisible Man-Character Analysis

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Lucius Brockway is practically another Dr.Bledsoe or the representation of Booker.T.Washington’s ideas.

1. born into slavery to a white father and a slave mother in a rural area in southwestern Virginia in 1856 2. worked in West Virginia in a variety of manual labor jobs before making his way to Hampton Roads seeking an education 3. In 1881, he was chosen to be new Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. 4. famous for his “Atlanta Address” of 1895, attracting the attention of politicians and the public as a popular spokesperson for African American citizens 5. played a dominant role in black politics, winning wide support in the black community and among more liberal whites (especially rich Northern whites); gained access to
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Poser doesn’t have to show off…I am at the controls.”(P142 )
Importance: “See Norton. You’ll find that he wants you disciplined; he might not know it, but he does. Because he knows that I know what is best for his interests.”(P143)
Sacrifice: “I had to be strong and purposeful to get where I am. I had to wait and plan and lick around…Yes, I had to act the nigger!” (P143)

In charge: “…this here’s the uproar department and I am in charge…” (P212) “I’m the boss, and don’t forgit it.” (P213)
Importance: “Right down here is where the paint is made. Without what I do they couldn’t do nothing, they be making bricks without straw. An’ not only do I make up the base, I fixes the varnishes and lots of the oils too..” (P214)
Sacrifice: a. “No, he was making something down here, something too filthy and dangerous for white men to be willing to do even for money.”(P212) b. “He was barely five feet tall, his overalls looking now as though he had been dipped in pitch.”(P207)

Even though working under such dirty, almost unbearable working conditions, Brockway doesn’t mind at all as long as he is at control. And such mentality is exactly what Booker.T.Washington promotes. “No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem. It is at the bottom of life we must begin, and not at the top.” Indeed, Brockway is “at the bottom of life” since he works in a deep
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