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IP Strategy for Greentech Ltd in the area of Low Carbon Technology


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IP Strategy for Greentech Ltd in the area of Low Carbon Technology Executive Summary
Modern businesses cannot survive if they are unable to create, exploit, while at the same time ensure that Intellectual Property (IP) is protected; R&D efforts would be compromised, as well. In addition to the expertise provided by professionals, it is nowadays important for organizations to have an IP strategy, or an IP portfolio management process that is aligned to their business processes (Shultz 1996). A clear Intellectual Property Strategy is of significant importance as an organization seeks to develop and exploit
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The proposed IP strategy is aimed at enabling Greentech Ltd to maximize its Research Division innovative outputs. Additionally, the strategy is targeted at enabling the acquisition of innovative ideas and research outputs of persons who are not employed by Greentech Ltd, and facilitation of entry of such ideas and other new ideas into the market at a faster rate. The paper is divided into three parts; Part I offers a brief background of Greentech Ltd current IP holdings and status, Part II outlines recommendations with regard to how Greentech should manage its current Intellectual Property Portfolio, while Part III describes a high quality IP strategy that Greentech will rely on in the management of any future innovations, especially in the area of Low Carbon Technology. Part One: Background and Introduction
Greentech Ltd at present has various Intellectual Property holdings; it has, over the years licensed various technologies, specifically, it holds 20 licenses, from other parties as a way of enhancing its research projects. The company continues to pay, as is contained in the licensing contracts, royalties for all the 20 licenses; however, some of those IP holdings are no longer needed. Greentech Ltd has in the past
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