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Should schools provide iPads to all students?

After many advancements in technology over the past years, the possibility of integrating the technology into the education system for the use of students has increased. Schools have started to spend more on resourceful technology such as iPads, tablets, Chromebooks, and a few other items. IPads have been proven to be far superior than most of these gadgets. iPads have been rolled out in many schools due to their weight size speed and the ability to use easily. iPads can impact the school in many positive ways. Some counter-arguments could be that they are too expensive or they can break easily. Although a few reasons why they should be used in schools are that their shape, size, weight can …show more content…

While Wauconda High School has a 89% graduation rate and a average of 1160 test score on the SAT, students at Conant High School had a 96% graduation rate and a average of 1270 on the SAT. Although not all of the credit can be given to the iPads, teachers and other things could be factors in this. But the iPad did have a role in these numbers. So all can agree that applications on iPads can be very helpful when it comes to education. If the school did implement iPads into the education system, then many students who are in poverty or cannot afford any educational piece of technology can get access to the Internet or a device. Currently there are 15 million kids or 21% of all students who are below the federal poverty line and most likely do not have access to a computer or tablet. If the school provided all students with a quality tablet like an iPad, then a higher percentage of students can succeed in school and focus on their studies. This means that there could be a opportunity of a better future for all student in high school and grades lower than that such and grade and middle schools. Public libraries do offer computers for student to use but it isn't as convenient because of a high number of parents working full time and not having time to pick up their kids or not having transportation, so if they had iPads, their school and home lives could improve drastically. There are a few counter arguments that could be made against the implementation of iPads

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