Ipads in the Primary Classroom

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The Benefits of iPads/Tablets in the Primary Classroom For many teachers introducing iPads in a primary classroom is a daunting task. Many educators are hesitant to take the leap to using iPads for instruction in a primary classroom (Getting & Swainey, 2012). The research of Dhir, Gahwaji, & Nyman found it is not surprising, that eight and nine year old children are considered technologically savvy. Children learn differently with technology. Certain skills such as problem solving, exploratory learning, collaboration, and teamwork skills are enhanced through the use of technology (2013). Shifflet,Toledo, & Mattoon found in their research, preschoolers were quite successful with iPads and even at a young age, the use of technology enhances the educational experience. Mattoon discovered four surprises in introducing touch tablets (similar to an iPad) to her preschool class, collaborations, digital citizenship, cooperation, and connection to the real world (2012). iPads also increase engagement, support multiple means to access curriculum, and enhance assessment practices for all ages of students (Government of Alberta, 2011). Consequently, the benefits of incorporating an iPad into a primary classroom are evident, increasing engagement, cooperation, and enhancing students learning is supported through use of the iPad. In the preschool setting, children immediately took to the tablet with cooperative interactions. Instead of promoting social isolation, the tablet

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