Irrationalism In Human Nature

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The Philosophical issue raised by the stimulus is human nature. Human nature is what specifically makes us all human. Every person on this planet contains a human nature, and while these versions or perceptions of it may be different, we all share this. Out of the many concepts of how the mind functions, and theories that prove our evolutionary traits, one of those concepts is irrationalism. Irrationalism is the theory that mankind derives their concepts through experience and prior knowledge. Therefore we can only perceive the world from our own interests solely from our own perceptions. For instance the way that I gain knowledge is from seeing the world around me. If I see a cat, I learn that that object is a cat, and then if I see a dog, I learn that that animal is a dog, and therefore everything that we see and learn about, comes from experience in which our brain stores. Coinciding with those views, a concept of man is that we are irrational animals. For example, we only act on strictly off of our own interest, and have no self control when it comes to decision making. Irrationalism promotes that the mankind is subjective. On the contrary, rationalism, the more popular theory of the mind and our behaviors, promotes a different view. Rationalism promotes the belief that we can control our actions, and we base our actions and decisions off of the logical outcome. For instance, if I could eat a candy bar, or an apple. My mind is able to tell me that I should eat the apple,
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