Irrigation In Yuma Essay

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Irrigation in Yuma is one of the biggest things here because half of our jobs depend on it. Describe in detail how irrigation changed Yuma/Southern Arizona. Irrigation has change Yuma and Southern Arizona half of our income is agriculture with help of irrigation.The Colorado River is the water source for Southern Arizona around 17 million people depend on the colorado river “Total population in the immediate area is estimated at 4,500 practically all dependent on agriculture” without it Southern Arizona would just a waste land. Irrigation projects in Arizona have been going since Theodore Roosevelt was in office he even turned an abandoned military fort into development of irrigation projects. Post construction for the Yuma irrigation projects the workers wages were about…show more content…
With irrigation has imorovped so much.So how does geography impact the development of irrigation it changes because with it might look like nuclear fallout and maybe somethings can live there but it’s not this place might seem like a desert but it’s not we have irrigation which is half of the jobs in Southern Arizona which is a good thing. So what was the various costs to irrigation they were many costs for the Southern Arizona irrigation projects. Post construction one of the cost for these are the wages they were getting payed for if they skilled or unskilled. Also there was economic impact the jobs that was coming in because irrigation projects which made really big “Part of this impact is in the form of annual tax contributions, which are estimated at $32 million.” This shows that how much big of an impact this was. One of the biggest thing that help with irrigation was the gold rush from the citrus groves the profit was around “a net profit in 1925 of $800” this helped so much with the
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