Is Amaya Gaming The World's First True Online Casino Entertainment Company?

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Article 10 – Is Amaya Gaming the world’s first true online casino entertainment company? It has a titanic sized user base, is an industry leader in ever sense of the world, and has user engagement levels that simply blow the competition away. Amaya Gaming have grown to such a level where they truly embody the term “entertainment” arguably more than they do the term “online casino”. Considering they now seem to have more association with B2C Internet firms than their online casino peers, have Amaya Gaming shaken off the shackles of being a pigeonholed as an online gambling business? Just recently Amaya Gaming subject to Macquarie Research with regards to both size and coverage, with it being noted that the company was a B2C sized company in both liquidity and scale. The company’s position in the market was heavily hinged on poker related success, but the poker vehicle has also helped further their online casino operation. Pushing people through to the online casino realm has helped Amaya Gaming become a uniquely diversified organisation. At time of writing Amaya Gaming houses two online poker brands in Full Tilt and PokerStars, with both collectively amounting to a 66% market share. Such market share is what has provided the company with the foundations for expansion. Full Tilt launched in early 2014 and started offering additional table casino games just two months later. Following in Full Tilts poker footsteps is the company’s second online poker franchise in PokerStars,

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