Is Amazon a Sound Investment in the Present and in the Future

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In 1994 Jeff Bezos started, one of the first online retailer sites and in 1995 he went live on the internet. Jeff Bezos is still the CEO today and his company is growing yearly with many added subsidiaries. Amazon started selling only in American and today it is in over 11 nations and on the rise. We will glance at some of financial information to come to a conclusion of whether Amazon is a sound investment in the present and the future. Next we will look at the three techniques used to assess the financial statement data: horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, and ratio analysis. We will focus on three financial factors: Liquidity Ratios, Profitability Ratios, and Solvency Ratios of during the 2007 and 2008 years.…show more content…
When you calculate the days Home Depot Inventory turnover is 55.3 days and Amazon is 31.7 days. Profitability Return of assets= Net income Average asset Profitability measure earning ratio to the cost incurred and one of the formulas are the profit margin which looks at the net income / net sales. Amazon numbers for 2008 645/19166=3.37% and in 2007 476/14835= 3.21% this looks how sales at Amazons are converted into profit, the bottom line. Another is asset turnover and it deals with how Amazon uses it assets to generate sales and the formula is 19166/8314+6485/2=2.60 times it makes a sales for every dollar it had invested in assets for 2008. In 2007 14835/6485+4363/2=2.74 times these are very good number of asset turnovers. Return on assets deals with how profitable the company is and its formula is: 645/8314+6485/2= 8.71% for 2008 and in 2007 476/6485+4363/2= 8.78 % very profitable numbers. Return on Common Stockholders Equity is how much income is generated for the Stockholders and 645/1197+2675/2=.33 is generated for 2008 and 476/1197+476/2= 58.5 for 2007 and it was an excellent year for Stockholders . Earning per share is the net profit earned on each share of common stock. It reveals the amount the business earned on their stock share investments: 645/428+416/2=1.52 for 2008 and for 2007 476/416+414/2=1.15, is also good. Price ratio is a glimpse into the future of the company. Price Earning

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