Is Bipolar II Disorder?

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Evidenced-Based Recommendations for Mr. Rollet What is Bipolar II Disorder? According to the American Psychiatric Association, written in DSM-V, bipolar disorder is define as a patient who experiences one hypomanic episode and one major depressive episode. Some things that make these episodes stand out is that they are present for extended periods of time. Hypomanic Episodes are moments of when you feel elevated, hyper, full of energy for at least four days consecutively. Moments that classify as major depressive episodes are experiencing at least five symptoms of depression for a duration of at least two weeks. One of those five symptoms must be “depressed mood or loss of interest.” (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). For when you …show more content…

Additionally, once you find the right therapist, they will most likely conduct the Young Mania Rating Scale and the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression to properly reach a diagnosis on what you have and the severity of your symptoms (Young, Biggs, Ziegler et al., 1978). Assuming that you are correct and you do have Bipolar II Disorder, it is great that we were able to catch it early so that we can start off with more subtle treatment methods. If it is later diagnosed as severe, I also have recommendations on what approach you should take with that as well. Recommendation A: Mild/Moderate Diagnosis If it is diagnosed that you are experiencing a less severe form of Bipolar II disorder, I would recommend undergoing therapy without medication. There are several different types of cognitive therapies out there that if you are willing to give them a try and put effort into them you will find improvement. Starting from the least invasive to the most time consuming. You could start off with exercise. According to a research article, exercise may reduce anxiety associated with the disorder, may increase mood when in the depressive episodes, and may boost your physical health as well (Ng, Dodd, and Berk, 2007). While the clinical evidence is limited, there is another study, also another pilot study looking into the effects of exercise, that supports exercise as good starting treatment for bipolar disorder and has the

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