Is Breast The Best When You Know About Breast?

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We all know that breast is best when it comes to nurturing the physical and metaphysical needs of our babies. To debrief you: the antibodies in a mother 's breastmilk and colostrum are designed specifically to protect the specific child of that woman by building up his/her immune system; the emotional security breastfeeding offers to an infant is fundamental; the baby gets exposure to different flavors based on the mother 's diet and is more inclined as a child to eat vegetables, as well as a variety of other foods; cow 's milk was made to grow baby cows and human milk is designed exactly to grow baby humans; breastfed infants are more in control of how much they eat than are bottle fed infants and are less likely to be overfed and are …show more content…

Also a major issue in women 's health is osteoporosis. Again, breastfeeding can make a substantial impact for women in this area. Our bodies stop storing calcium in the bones at around age 18. So if you don 't get plenty of this important bone builder in the early years of your life, you will already be deficient. (Sadly, more and more young children are showing symptoms of osteoporosis, because they are not consuming the amount of calcium necessary to build their bones in the first place.) After this age, your bones don 't get any more calcium, and for every day your body does not get its daily value of it, it will take it from your bones, making them weaker and weaker over the years. Here 's where breastfeeding can help. While a woman is breastfeeding, her bones are given a second opportunity to absorb calcium. It 's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to prevent old-age spine fractures that often lead to death. And it 's a great opportunity to make sure you eat the three servings of dairy a day you are supposed to get and which really do help you lose weight. Women who breastfeed have half the risk of bone fracture later in life than women who don 't breastfeed. For the first six weeks of lactation at least, breastfeeding will help restore a woman 's figure. It burns around 500 calories a day (so make sure that you do not eat more than 500 extra calories each day while nursing!). That is like running at least a mile each day from the time your baby is born.

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