Is Content A Good Content?

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You’ve put together your content strategy. Perhaps it’s more ambitious than last years, or maybe this is the first one ever created for your company.

93% of b2b companies use content marketing, but time & time again, marketers struggle to execute their strategy. Or when they do, they fumble around, not sure what they should be doing or why.

Content speaks for the brand and bad content = bad brand, even if you don’t mean it to be.

We’ve come up with five ways to know you’re in desperation mode and what you can do to escape this wheel of content destruction.

You Don’t Remember The Steps to Replicate Past Successes
It’s as important to dissect successful content, as it is to review poor content, in order to craft a content framework …show more content…

Your job as a content marketer isn’t over as soon as you’ve hit publish. In fact, it’s only just beginning. Consider how you’re going to promote your content from the moment the idea comes into your mind until after you’ve published it.

The internet is crowded. Approximately 211 million pieces of content are published every minute.

So how do you expect anyone to read your content if you don’t take serious effort to promote it?

For example find influencers who might be interested in your content, or interested in sharing your content, using Followerwonk.

Enter your keyword, specific to the niche your content will target. We’ve used content marketing.

You’ll be shown the Twitter users with your keyword in their bio.

You can choose how you view this data, but we’ve selected to see it in order of relevance.

To understand how content promotion works, understand how people share content around. First, identify who will benefit from your content and come up with ways to reach that exact audience.

You Keep Producing the Same Types of Content
We mentioned you should replicate successful content and that’s true, but you should also think about variety.

Creating unvaried content is uninteresting for your readers, but it’s also uninteresting for you. Content marketing should be exciting and shouldn’t feel like you’re repeating yourself every day.

It boils down to knowing your audience. If you don’t

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