Is Depression A Serious And Potentially Deadly Illness?

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Depression is a serious and potentially deadly illness that is one of America 's leading causes of disability. While it requires treatment, many patients have found that they are incompatible with mainstream treatment protocols, and reports of serious side-effects from selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) like Zoloft and Prozac are exceedingly common. I have personally tried literally every SSRI on the market--as well as a slew of other antidepressants-- and they have all, unanimously, worsened my depression. After spending my entire childhood, adolescence, and early adult hood undergoing seventeen painstaking years of conventional treatment, I arrived at the conclusion that the natural, do-it-yourself route is more beneficial …show more content…

When the imbalance is corrected, serotonin is given more time to act on the mind and body to enable the person to feel content. After effectively using kanna to halt episodes of severe depression, I, as an herbalist, began recommending it to many of my clients. All of them, numbering no less than three dozen, came back to report that it had drastically improved their symptoms, and many also reported that it had helped other comorbid illnesses, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and clinical anxiety. Since that day, I have always used kanna as an intervention treatment during episodes of severe depression, in addition to taking a maintenance dose once per two weeks (this is what I found works best for me). Unlike pharmaceutical SSRI 's, kanna does not need to be taken every day, and there are no reports of any negative reactions to ending its use abruptly. Another way that kanna differs from its pharmaceutical counterparts is that it has never been reportedly linked to causing, or worsening, severe depression. This might be a tremendous relief to the millions of depression-sufferers who are reluctant to try new medications because of bad experiences. SSRIs like Zoloft have been

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