Treatment Of Mental Health Disorders

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Time magazine called them the military’s secret weapon (Thompson). Many pets eat them every day (Horowitz). They are effective in treating the most common male sexual disorder (Yue). Antidepressants have many uses, but they are primarily used in the treatment of mental health disorders. Their discovery was monumental for the science of psychiatry. Antidepressants are the primary treatment for a myriad of mental health disorders. However, many scientists, clinicians and patients question the effectiveness of antidepressants for this broad scope. Examination of effectiveness, side effects and alternative treatments suggest reduction in the scope of antidepressant use for mental health disorders.
The advent of antidepressant medications in the 1950s was a breakthrough in psychiatry. Antidepressant medications contributed to the understanding of a key mechanism in mental health disorders (Lopez-Munoz). Prior to this discovery, many believed mental health disorders were caused by alterations of the soul (Lopez-Munoz). The neurochemical effect of antidepressants established the concept of mental illness as a chemical imbalance (Lopez-Munoz). The discovery also drove a powerful social change in the comprehension and acceptance of mental illness (Lopez-Munoz). Antidepressant medications were prescribed in moderation until the late 1980s (Zahl). Fluoxetine, better known as Prozac, was approved by the United States Federal Drug Administration for commercial use in 1987…
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