Is Entrepreneurship A Entrepreneurial Career? Essay

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With the growing importance of entrepreneurship within today’s business industry it is of upmost importance to understand the motivations and intentions of individuals wanting to pursue an entrepreneurial career as this now accounts for X of the population and X% of income. Its apparent from the literature that “significant differences exist in the levels of entrepreneurial activity across countries” (Pinillo & Reyes, 2011) and existing research addresses the question as to why some countries have more entrepreneurs than others, a main answer to this question has been the one regarding the economic climate of the particular country, however this focus solely on economic explanations majorly “underexposes the role of culture” (Brown & Ulijn, 2004). It would seem meaningless to ignore this factor as something that influences the level of entrepreneurship between different countries as “the rate or level of entrepreneurship at the societal level depends upon the opportunities provided by the environment and these aspects are influenced by … culture” (Brown & Ulijn, 2004). Whilst much of the literature has focused on economic reasons for differences in entrepreneurship activity, it is suggested by Pinillo & Reyes (2011) that “culture, more than economic variables” plays a key role in explaining these differences.
In particular, there is a “lack of research across different cultures” (Liñan, et al., 2013) therefore an absence of comparative studies reviewing the differences

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