Is Everyone Really Equal Analysis

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Students in colleges have opportunities to do service learning where they volunteer in the community. By volunteering students learn to help others in need, and to become tolerant of one another. Furthermore, in college, faculty can write up questionnaires for their students to identify any prejudices they may have. Students can create activities to enable the students to become more sensitive. For instance, students can interview people from other countries, and learn from the struggles they encountered when coming to America. Students should read the following book Is Everyone Really Equal this handbook will introduce students to social justice, education providing a tool for developing of critical thinking about social justice in our society. …show more content…

Promoters of this point of view believe that multicultural education will change American culture to make it more comprehensive. Affirmative action is one of the particular policy proposals that multiculturalists advise. They agree with that affirmative movement will make colleges and place of work that value diversity and people in such various environments will be in a position to triumph over any prejudiced views they will preserve. In reality, there may be evidence that exposure to diverse academic occasions may change the perspectives of white college student. (Abdul-Alim 2017:30) and have a fantastic effect on whole student body (Pitt Packard 2012:295). When people practice tolerance to one another, the world becomes a more civil place, free of prejudice and

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