Is Homeschooling A Good Idea For Educating Children?

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Nowadays, instead of sending their children to public or private school, a lot of parents become their children’s tutor to be in charge of their children 's education at home. The number of homeschooling is increasing every day. According to scholars, homeschooling has tripled in the last 10 years (Home Schooling debate, 2003). The number one reason for this is due to religious issues. However, there are a lot of negative effects and some serious issues about educating children at home due to the lack of parents’ teaching experiences, socialization, and motivation. Homeschooling is not a good idea for educating children because the educator may not have enough skills as a regular teacher would have. In “Parent Qualifications” in…show more content…
Furthermore, they cannot keep up with the current public school’s education because their educational skills are 20 to 30 years behind this generation’s education. Lastly, the usual classrooms in a public school are equipped with a lot of school stationary or high-tech supplies, and those supply are very expensive. It is quite impossible that parents who teach their children at home can be afford to have enough Facilities to show their students.

Secondly, a student that is homeschooled will most likely not be as sociable as a student that is educated at a public school. In public schools, students have a lot of opportunities to work with other students; which is an important skill needed not only at school, but also for future careers. Students in public schools will perform tasks more quickly than homeschooled students because they are able to work with other students in school. There is a well-known idiom for this; “better teach by your friend than your teacher “. Most students who are homeschooled usually do not want to be involved with other peers and therefore, isolate themselves from students their age. These students really need to get out and get ready to experience the world that they are going to live in the future. Homeschool students only interact with their parents or their relatives. As a result, the lack of communication between students at the same age can result in serious social and behavioral issues. Moreoever,
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