Is It Good For Talk About The Lgbt Community? Essay

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Is it good to talk about the LGBT community? With Supreme Court of the United States declared Same-Sex Marriage Legal in all 50 States on June 26th, 2015(Chappell), many same-sex couples and their supporters cried tears of joy in the rainbow lights shining on the White House. When celebrating this historic victory of LGBT(lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender)’s love, people witnessing this significant moment would probably wonder what made a increasing number of people in the society understand the LGBT community better and support it. As LGBT individuals take on the important jobs like lawyers and doctors, they play more and more significant roles in the society. Meanwhile, as the thinking of contemporary people becomes more open and progressive, abundant organizations are appearing to struggle for LGBT’s rights. The influences of the media and daily discussions can never be ignored. Although the increased exposure causes a short-term and inevitable backlash to controversial communities such as the LGBT community, covering the topic of LGBT broadly and frequently in the social and mass media and discussing the idea in everyday interactions improve society’s comprehensive understanding of the community more than it harms the community. The LGBT community will be benefited when famous people use the media to talk about their supportive opinions on the topic of LGBT. Utilizing the mass and social media, famous people can express their favorable opinions on the topic of

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