Is It Responsible For The Labor Trafficking? Essay

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Walmart is responsible for the labor trafficking that is caused by their subcontractors. Labor trafficking, or forced labor, is a practice where people are forced to work using “fear, coercion, or deceit” and are paid little to none. The most common form of labor trafficking today is debt trafficking (Laura, 506). Debt trafficking occurs when a trafficker promises to introduce his/her victim to a high paying job with an upfront fee. However, most victims do not have the ability to pay the upfront fee so the trafficker will then offer them a loan. Once the victim agrees to the loan, he/she will have no control over his/her wages and receives little or no wage at all because according to the trafficker, his/her wages are used to repaid the loans. Some victims also do not have the ability to leave as they are deceived into signing contracts that leaves them unable to escape from their traffickers. The International Labour Organization reported that there are at least 21 million people worldwide who are subjected to some kind of forced labor and the profit extracted from the forced labor by private businesses has exceeded $44 billion (LeBaron, 237). Walmart should be held accountable for the forced labor caused by their subcontractors because human rights are being violated and the company is benefitting from the forced labor.
Walmart is responsible to making sure that their subcontractors are not mistreating the workers and stripping the workers of their basic human rights.

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